Poetics of Place:  Connecting People & Places
The Heart of Learning
Valley Quest : 89 Treasure Hunts in the Upper Valley - out of print
Valley Quest II: 75 More Treasure Hunts in the Upper Valley
Best of Valley Quest
Questing: A Guide to Creating Community Treasure Hunts
Questing: A Guide to Creating Community Treasure Hunts has been translated into Hungarian.  Find it here:  http://kincskereso.pisztrangkor.hu/
Watershed Quest
Civil War Quest
Cemetery Quest
Village Quest
National Geographic in Poland featuring Questing.
Steve's work was featured as a Family Learning "Success Story"
Steven's article in the Fall 09 issue of Connect Magazine.
Valley Quest is featured as one of the "design principles" and chapters of David Sobel’s new book Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators.
Steve has a chapter in Best of Green Teacher: The Elementary Years
Featured in Fall 09 "Sense of Place" issue of Connect Magazine.
Shambhala Sun: Learning Where You Are
Vermont Community Works Journal :Community, Love and the 5-columned Chart
Steven was featured as an Innovator in Place in the Fall issue of Scenarios, a journal of the Orton Family Foundation.
Steve plays guitar on Second Hand Tales, a CD by Simon Brooks
He also plays guitar on Simon’s CD More Second Hand Tales
"The world is all clues, and there is no end to their subtlety and delicacy. The signs that reveal are always there. One has only to learn the art of reading them."
-Paul Shepard, Nature and Madness