Moshup’s Quest, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Photo by Emma Glazer

Poetics of Place:  Connecting People & Places

Steven Glazer has worked with students and schools, teachers and towns, camps and conference centers, libraries and land trusts, historical societies and Departments of Health, resorts and regional marketing organizations, museums and many, many parks: town, city, state and national!

Here are what some of our clients have said about our work.

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"Steve is a gifted facilitator for all ages on almost all topics. His passion for stories and his connection to the land have driven him to create the rich Quest program. The experience of working with Steve is inspiring and validating. He has the power to bring out goodness in everyone and everything, spreading joy to every community he enters. His artistry with words, visuals and people is enduring."
- Lynne Whiting, Martha's Vineyard Museum
"Steve has the capacity to bring joy, wonder, creativity and deep sensitivity of group dynamics to his work even in the midst of difficult and charged environments and topics. His ability to speak from authentic compassion and create space for mystery in the most intense and practical engagements is a tribute to his experience, talents and commitment to building relationship with the lives he touches."
- Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees, Artist and Teacher
"It was beautiful to experience my first quest in the USA, but I could not imagine how wonderful it is to make one. In three days, two very different quests were created in a very well facilitated workshop by Steven. We got a deep immersion in community work, nature study, poetry, and drawing. I could not imagine my colleagues as poets, but there they were! Everyone enjoyed the play, the fun, and the good QUEST. Thanks, Steve."
- Zoltan Fuzfa, Director, Pisztrankor
"Steve Glazer spent over a week in Poland in September 2008 to introduce the methodology of questing. He carried out a professional workshop delivering all participants the necessary knowledge and practical skills of how to design and develop a quest. He also worked with groups of Greenway and Ecomuseum specialists from two regions of Poland: Lower Silesia – Dziewin and Lesser Poland – Lanckorona, teaching them and assisting them in creating quests based on local natural and cultural resources. Both the workshop and individual mentoring were enthusiastically assessed by participants and we plan to further develop, promote and disseminate the questing methodology in Poland."
- Barbara Kazior, MiLA Foundation
"Steve is a true soul with a wonderful life's mission. His teaching style is creative and heartfelt, and truly effective. Teachers enjoy his quiet and clear style and sense immediately how dedicated he is to this work. Steve has inspired so many teachers to adopt questing that we have added Questing sessions to almost all of our professional development series."
- Pat Straughan, A Forest For Every Classroom
"We wanted to expand how our Four Winds's volunteers experience community-based education, and so invited Steve to lead a two hour Quest workshop as part of our end-of-the-year celebration. He had 35 adults thoroughly engaged in writing haiku, drawing from nature, and in thinking about their community in a different way. Steve makes real for all involved the complex connections between natural community, local town folk, cultural history and current events. And, he's just fun to watch and listen to as he leads people on this journey of discovery."
- Lisa Purcell, Director, Four Winds Nature Institute
"The strength of the Valley Quest program is that it brings local history, local landmarks, and local resources to life. There have been many benefits associated with the Valley Quest program. I have become an active learner and have been engaged in discoveries about myself and my community. My students have learned by "doing" and have made connections outside the classroom with the community and their environment. Our school has had positive feedback from our efforts and our community has enjoyed the several new Quests that we have developed. Our efforts in collecting data and researching old cemeteries have been deeply appreciated and led to our class being awarded the town’s "Historian Award." But truly the most satisfying is when we have been able to bridge the gap between the "old" ways and people of our town to the children of today. Bringing generations together for a greater understanding of the past and for a vision of tomorrow is truly a remarkable outcome."
- Steven Dayno, Teacher, Lyme Elementary School